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Making Something Inspirational.

Being inspired by someone and to inspire someone, should go on simultaneously...

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Some books on mental health and psychology were written by Dr. Otta. Note: External links have been mentioned...


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Psychologs is India's only Mental Health Print Magazine. It is an initiative and effort to reach out to people, educate them about the importance of mental health, various mental health issues, and how they can be improved.
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Whatever work we do, how much change comes in the life of others, this is the parameter of true success. Pay us your valuable feedback  with the complete details through the contact form attached in the footer.

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About Arvind

Dr. Arvind Otta

Dr. Arvind Otta (Ph.D.) is an eminent Gold Medalist Indian Psychologist and also one of the popular mental health professionals in India who has contributed immensely to the awareness of mental health.

Journey of Arvind Otta


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Some useful articles written by Dr. Otta on various forums...


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Career in Psychology: Guidance by Arvind Otta in Mumbai
Let's Meet | Arvind Otta
Psychology as a Career in India

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