Psychology as a Career and opportunities in India

Psychology as a Career and opportunities in India

Career constitutes an indispensable part of an individual’s personality. It largely is a representation of the person’s interests, likes, goals, and ambitions in life. Earlier, careers were merely chosen for the sake of having a stable financial source in contrast to today’s preference of opting for a best-suited career to ensure work-life balance, mental peace, and happiness. People now settle for career options they are passionate about as they have realized that a job shall be such they would willingly undertake and not find it taxing even in the most strenuous times.

Psychology is one of the fast-growing career paths in India, it is becoming one of the trending/high cut-off subjects in colleges hence the students are passionate to pursue the subject but have no idea about its career paths.  

UPS Education is going to organize a free counseling session for all those aspirants who is aiming to build their career in Psychology and Mental health, and this session will clear all of your doubts which are probably going through your mind and it will help you to understand the career options in Psychology and opportunities associated with this career path.

Dr. Arvind Otta a renowned psychologist, will take this session. Dr. Otta has helped more than 3000 students to be successful mental health professionals. He is indeed, one of the best educators in the field of Psychology withholding many years of experience in the industry.

Dr. Otta is now ready to take all of your doubts, we will answer all of your what, how, and if. Register now for the session and be ready to get all your doubts solved.

The session (offline) will be held on 18th September 2022 at 11:00 AM.

Venue: UPS Education (29, 2nd floor, Paschim Vihar Extn. Near Paschim Vihar East Metro Station, Delhi-110063).

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